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Hi there!
I am creating a collection of fully blind accessible games, and your game is listed under the "blind support tag".  The word "blind" means different things to different people, and within that wide spectrum their are various levels of expertise with visual UI's.  but as a fully blind gamer, I am wondering what features this game provides for those who can not see the screen at all.  Do you have "screen reader" or "text to speech" support?  Is your game fully playable with a keyboard or controller, rather than having to point the mouse at buttons on the interface? If the answer to those questions is no, it would still be great to know what options are provided for those with less severe visual impairments, so that I might make them aware of your game's usability for them.  Thank you for any information you can provide, it's very much appreciated! :)

This game has text to speech support by hitting the "v" key during gameplay. It is fully playable with the keyboard (arrow keys, space bar or enter, escape) and should work with a controller, although I haven't tested that part.

That's excellent to hear!  Thanks for responding. :)
If you don't mind answering a couple more questions...

Do important visuals have any sort of "alt text" label, and are visual indicators -such as status on a control- also provided in a textual format?

Unfortunately I don't think any of the visuals (sprites, backgrounds, CGs) have alt text, nor do the selectable controls (like text auto-forward or skip) change their text based on status.

Gotcha, well at least it's good to know... :)
Maybe something to consider at least for vital visuals in the future, though I know you've got allot on your plate already.  If you need any help or testing, try the forums, r/blind on reddit, or this discord server:

An interesting little story. It felt like there was a far deeper truth to it than the fictional "soulmates" setting would lead you to believe at first.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Same as other people said, really like the commentary in this game! This game is a good message to not get caught up in the pursuit of love, and simply cherish the unexpected connections and in-the-moment memories along the way. Nice game!


Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!



When you're looking for a soul mate but you end up with...?!

This was a challenging little narrative adventure. Definitely interesting in how it explored soulmates and how an entire economy is built around pursuit of those soulmates. 

Thanks for the LP! I'm glad this was surprising for you.

This was a neat game! It's an interesting take on the concept of soulmates. The second main menu screen was really cute. ^_^

Glad you liked it, and thanks for trying it out!

Wow, I love the art!!! Will play this when I get the time. Commenting here so I don't forget!

All the art is by Mystery Zone Games, and yeah, it's great and stylistic and fits together really well.

I love your reply because you're saying (Basically) "and yeah, I know it's great. ^-^" I'm just saying I love the personality in your response.   .w.

I guess there's a reason I'm a writer, then :)

I got the 2 cg endings, what do I need to do to get the 3rd ending?

The two "bad" endings both have the same CG. You can get bad endings either by successfully leaving the bar, or failing to stick around later at the apartment.

So does the sex png link uncensor the cgs? Btw the link doesn't work

You have to copy-paste. It's intentionally not a clickable link so people don't accidentally click it.

It doesn't uncensor the game... it just lets you download the CG to see it uncensored.