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Accidentally chopped it too much in the tutorial and managed to lose the game before it even starts hahaha XD

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Think my limit is at about 40 haha got a high score 36

didn't realize how useful the keyboard is until the game gets faster x)

edit: got Had fun.

Keyboard is super useful... I've managed to break 100 using it :)

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Haha that's amazing x) you got fast reflexes. & I gotta try  some more....


Okay hear me out: I know that this is just a clicker game but it's actually super fun. 

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Thanks for checking it out, anyway

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No worries :)

This was put together as a short little game, and wasn't meant to be particularly captivating. (It's also my first time putting in any sorts of sound effects, so I admittedly overdid it in a lot of places.)


Fun and addictive, and a clever use of RenPy!


Thank you!


This is very nice! I didn't know you could do something like that with Renpy

It got pretty out of hand with 4 bowls for me :P


Thanks! I've done crazier things. :) See my Barajam project from last year:

If you're playing on the computer, using keyboard shortcuts helps a lot because you don't have to keep moving the mouse between the bowls and the buttons.

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This was pretty freaking cleaver! Wish i had the idea to use the mascot in my game, oh well. It turned out great and hecka fun, you guys did awesome!

Nicely done, :D!


Glad you enjoyed it!