Puzzle Editor and Bug Fixes

YFFY Updates

There's a new version of YFFY available. It fixes a few minor bugs:

  • Characters in the puzzle portion now properly align to the bottom of the screen
  • Rotation buttons in the puzzle portion are now consistent
  • Quick menu buttons in the VN portion are now consistent with the textbox buttons

But the biggest thing it adds is a puzzle editor! The editor itself is only available with the Deluxe Patch (details below), but anyone can play custom puzzles.

Try this simple puzzle for yourself by clicking the "Custom" button on the puzzle selection screen:

A0404 XXXX

Or this slightly more complicated one:

B0405 AXCA

Deluxe Version

The Deluxe version of YFFY is available via the Deluxe Patch if you donate $3 or more to the project. (If you've donated that amount in the past, you should automatically have access to the patch.)

To install the patch, simply paste the yffyeditor.rpa file into the game/ folder.

After installation, you can create puzzles by clicking the "Custom" button on the puzzle selection screen. Use the "Piece" button to change the current piece. Once the puzzle is solved, you'll get a code you can share so others can play your puzzle!


com.bobcgames.yffy-release.apk 95 MB
Mar 04, 2022
YAGSFallingForYou-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 75 MB
Mar 04, 2022
YAGSFallingForYou-1.1-mac.zip 75 MB
Mar 04, 2022
YAGSFallingForYou-1.1-win.zip 80 MB
Mar 04, 2022
YFFY_Deluxe_Patch.zip 6 kB
Mar 04, 2022
com.bobcgames.yffydeluxe-release.apk 95 MB
Mar 04, 2022

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