The sequel is coming! (And a signed mac build)

I've uploaded new builds of the game. It fixes a single, subtle, bug that may cause issues with Jake's route. The mac build has also been signed, thanks to the help of Rob Colton, so the game should run in newest versions of OSX without issue. Please let me know of any problems!

But more importantly, the sequel to YAGS (Zen: A Gay Sequel, or ZAGS) now has a demo, and that demo has a release date!

You'll be able to download the demo (for free) on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 11 AM US Eastern, for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

You'll also be able to preorder the full game (which is currently due out late 2021) at that time at a discount (with a further 10% discount for the first 24 hours). And as with YAGS, you'll also be able to procure goodies like stickers and signed prints.

Please follow my Twitter or the ZAGS website for the latest.

I hope you're as excited to play as I am to get this demo out to you!


YAGS-1.1612.0-android.apk 161 MB
Apr 12, 2020
YAGS-1.1612.0-linux.tar.bz2 135 MB
Apr 12, 2020
YAGS-1.1612.0-mac.dmg 131 MB
Apr 12, 2020 130 MB
Apr 12, 2020

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the next game will cost money right?

Yes. The demo will be free to download, and covers the first month of game time. Preorders for the full game (currently slated for late 2021) will be $9.99, with an extra 10% off for the first 24 huors.

yay for the sequel! looking forward to it! ^^

hmm, i played yags already, and while i'm not totally finished with all routes, i did finish (all of) jake's... i think. so, is there any need to download this updated version? did i miss something with jake? or is it just better to have the latest version anyways?

There's no need to update, especially if you've already done Jake's route.

hmm totally offtopic but no idea how to msg you otherwise: do you actually do steam? i don’t have paypal and i dislike them in general, and also their interface/page when you’re not supposed to need an account… half of the time (well, in the only shop where i needed stuff i didn’t wanna renounce to and had to pay thru paypal), the UI tried to “force” you to open an account, refusing to show the normal page where you could pay as a non-customer and showing you only the register page… sometimes for hours/days in a row until they “fixed” it. also i like having my stuff together in my steam library, because the only games i download from itch are the free and demo ones, due to the paypal issue, so no point getting the itch client just for demos and minigames i’ll delete a few hrs later…

I do not do steam, unfortunately.  (I might in the future, but there are no plans to do so right now.)

You do not need to pay anything to download the ZAGS demo. You can also pay on through stripe (instead of paypal) I think?

You can download the game on itch and then add it to steam locally. (You don't need the itch client to download games from itch, even the paid ones.)

(I'm with you on paypal... I don't really like them as a payment processor either.)

yeah steam has pros… and cons. especially with lgbtq+ content, not easy to pass - unlike schoolgirl hentai, and sniper games :/ hmm you might be right about stripe, when i test pick card payment i see a stripe logo at the bottom.. worth checking. aah true i forgot about adding external games to the steam library, i only did it once, just hafta remember how. wasn’t there sth about a steam key? and yup, zags demo is already downloaded ^^

In Steam, on the bottom left, you can choose "Add A Game" > "Add a Non-Steam Game" and choose an EXE on your computer, so you can have any game you download from itch imported into and playable from Steam.

When you're checking out on, you'll see a screen with two options at the bottom: "Pay with Paypal" and "Pay with card". If you choose "Pay with card", it'll be processed by Stripe instead of paypal.