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The Game

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend?

Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS for short) is a realistic coming-out-focused character-driven slice-of-life visual novel where you play as a gay man starting his freshman year of college at a generic university somewhere in the midwestern United States. The game features dating sim elements, but is not focused on them.

You will interact with a cast of characters, each with their own personality and stories, as you navigate college life, develop friendships, play board games, and come out. With luck, you might even find a boyfriend.


  • A world where you can befriend people and see events from different perspectives, depending on your decisions
  • 4 dateable guys* with their own distinct stories, with good and bad endings for each guy (9 endings in all*)
  • 230,000+ words and meaningful choices
  • Collectibles system to track and reward your decisions
  • Achievements, for completionists
  • Unlockable in-game character profiles
  • An original soundtrack featuring "Yearning", the YAGS theme

* Or are there?

Content Warning

This is not an explicit game. All nudity is censored, and sex is neither shown nor explicitly described. However, the game does feature strong language, adult situations, implied nudity, and implied (gay) sex. Parental discretion is advised.

If you are of legal age and can legally view adult materials in your area, you can download a free patch here that will enable uncensoring of nudity, as well as more explicit text, within the game.

Game Background

YAGS is a personal project by Bob Conway. A development log for the game and extended credits can be found at http://yags.bobcgames.com

The primary goal of the game was to focus on and portray a more realistic coming-out experience, complete with the fear, uncertainty, and reluctance involved in the process. It also aims to follow your relationship with someone (if that happens), in the larger context of their existing friendships.

YAGS is not meant to be a short game, but I hope that its length is justified in the end. Please allot several hours for each playthrough, and make liberal use of the save functionality.

For questions, concerns, thoughts, or to just generally reach me, you can find me on twitter, contact me via my webpage bobcgames.com, or email me at bobcgames [at] gmail.com.

If you enjoyed the game, dropping a few dollars will help support development of future games. And thank you for playing!

Want more YAGS? You can check out the entire YAGS-verse, including companion writings and other games.

The sequel to YAGS, Zen: A Gay Sequel, is also now available! Download the demo for free, or purchase the full game.


YAGS is free to download and play, and always will be. However, if you are able to donate a few dollars, you'll receive a number of extras, and you'll also be supporting my future game development efforts.


  • The game itself, playable on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and some Android devices
  • A collection of companion fics (also readable on my website) that provide more background on characters and the world of YAGS


  • A download of the game's soundtrack for personal use, including an exclusive karaoke version of "Yearning", the YAGS theme song


  • A collection of wallpaper images for your desktop or phone, including all of the game's ending CGs


  • A digital behind-the-scenes book, featuring game tips and tricks (find every collectible and date every guy!), in addition to images and information from the game's development process

Higher Amounts

Physical rewards are available via "Donation Rewards" below, while supplies last. Minimum donation amounts vary, and may include the following items. (See specifics in each Donation Reward, below.) (Or see the full set of available YAGS-verse swag.)

  • Promotional stickers, featuring Adam, James, and Jake
  • A sheet of "paper doll" stickers featuring either Adam, Carlos, or Nate
  • Random character stickers, featuring either James, Jake, Nikhil, Elliot, Nate, Hannah, Liz G., or Liz B.
  • A tri-fold card featuring the YAGS cast (optionally signed by the writer Bob Conway)
  • The above promotional stickers (Adam, James, or Jake), signed by the composer Andrew Russell
  • A print of Adam or Dan, signed and numbered (each out of 5) by the sprite artist David Stoll
  • A print of Adam, signed and numbered (out of 10) by the writer Bob Conway, plus a matching sticker
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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, coming-out, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Queer, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Blind friendly
LinksSteam, Homepage, Support, Twitter, Blog


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YAGS-1.3117.0-mac.dmg 132 MB
YAGS-1.3117.0-win.zip 149 MB
Companion Fics 694 kB
Soundtrack 50 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Wallpapers 25 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more
Behind-the-Scenes Book 140 MB
if you pay $15 USD or more

Donation Rewards

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Sticker Pack

One "paper doll" sticker sheet (randomly chosen from Adam, Carlos, or Dan), mailed to you. (Example)

Also includes all three 3"x3" promotional stickers (one each of Adam, James, and Jake).

Includes all digital rewards (soundtrack, wallpapers, and behind-the-scenes book).

Note: Post-payment survey completion is required for me to know where to ship your goods.

Card and Stickers

A tri-fold "New Years" card, optionally signed by the writer Bob Conway. Plus three random character stickers (James, Jake, Nikhil, Elliot, Nate, Hannah, Liz B., or Liz G.). All mailed to you. (Example)

Also includes one 3"x3" promotional sticker (randomly chosen from Adam, James, or Jake).

Includes all digital rewards (soundtrack, wallpapers, and behind-the-scenes book).

Note: Post-payment survey completion is required for me to know where to ship your goods.

Signed Print Pack (Dan and Adam)

An 8"x10" photo print of Dan, signed and numbered (out of 5) by the sprite artist David Stoll. Plus an 8"x10" photo print of the BTS book cover (featuring Adam), signed and numbered (out of 10) by the writer Bob Conway, and an exclusive matching  sticker. All mailed to you. Plus one of your three promotional stickers will be signed by the composer Andrew Russell. (Example)

Also includes a random "paper doll" sticker sheet (Adam, Carlos, or Dan), three random character stickers (James, Jake, Nikhil, Elliot, Nate, Hannah, Liz B., or Liz G.), and all three 3"x3" promotional stickers (Adam, James, and Jake; one signed).

Includes all digital rewards (soundtrack, wallpapers, and behind-the-scenes book).

(Not recommended for destinations outside the US, due to shipping concerns. International delivery is not tracked nor guaranteed, and lost items cannot be replaced due to their limited nature.)

Note: Post-payment survey completion is required for me to know where to ship your goods.

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