YAGS: Falling For You is Now Available

If you played through YAGS and enjoyed the secret route, but didn't like that there was no actual dating portion involved... you're in luck!

My BaraJam 2021 project was YAGS: Falling For You, and it follows the secret route of YAGS through the spring semester.

If you're not into that, the game also has a puzzle portion that is spatial-reasoning puzzles using Tetris blocks in what is hopefully a fairly chill puzzling experience.

Check everything out here: https://bobcgames.itch.io/yffy

Comments and thoughts, as always, are welcome. And thanks to everyone for your continued support in my gamedev efforts!

The universe of YAGS (aka the YAGS-verse) is also growing, so I've summarized everything available so far in this convenient new page on my website.

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