Minor Collectable Updates

I've just pushed a new build of the game. As usual, if you're already happily playing, there's nothing new for you here.

This build makes some of the end-game collectables (particularly, the friendship bracelets for Jake, Hannah, and Nikhil) simpler to acquire. It also adds my "default" splash screen on game startup, and several links to the ZAGS website.

(With the usual thanks to Rob Colton for helping sign the Mac build, and thanks to PieroWidyastana for being possibly the first person to attempt to obtain all 333 collectables.)


YAGS-1.2015.0-android.apk 161 MB
Aug 15, 2020
YAGS-1.2015.0-linux.tar.bz2 136 MB
Aug 15, 2020
YAGS-1.2015.0-mac.dmg 131 MB
Aug 15, 2020
YAGS-1.2015.0-win.zip 130 MB
Aug 15, 2020

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