New ZAGS Build, and Thank You!

New ZAGS Build

There's a new game build (v1.0708.0) that fixes a bunch of bugs and issues, and makes some aspects more user-friendly.

It's recommended that you update, especially if you're playing on Standard or Easy modes. Existing progress and save files should carry over automatically.

Note: If you're playing with the nudity patch, you'll need to re-patch the game after downloading the new version, but you can use the same zagspatch.rpa patch file.

Changes since the last build:

  • The planner tutorial now indicates that happiness changes are estimates
  • Hovering an image in the stats screen now shows you the person's name
  • The unlockables guide (once unlocked) shows on its own in My Room
  • My Room hover images are more consistent
  • Preferences has an explanation for the "Show Minigame Intros" setting
  • Talking to James on February 4 now makes more sense in context
  • Malik's route on Standard mode now requires less straying from the obvious path
  • Being locked out of Malik's route is more obvious
  • Dan is a little better with consent on April 20
  • Friendship from dancing with Eva scales in a nicer way
  • The typing minigame is less terrible on mobile
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes (including naked epilogue Adam and faceless swimming Carlos)

The game is at 242,144 words, 22,479 dialogue blocks, and 484 menus.

Please continue to report bugs to me by whatever mechanism is most convenient to you.

Thank You!

ZAGS has received over 560 downloads since its release just four days ago, and I've already received so many nice comments.

I hope everyone is enjoying the game, and thank you to everyone for your continued support.


com.bobcgames.zags-107080-universal-release.apk 362 MB
Jul 08, 2021
ZAGS-1.0708.0-linux.tar.bz2 328 MB
Jul 08, 2021
ZAGS-1.0708.0-mac.dmg 329 MB
Jul 08, 2021 333 MB
Jul 08, 2021
Patch Instructions 2.2 kB
Jul 08, 2021

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Dude this game is totally awesome demo made no sense but after playing the full game it made totally sense I think it's better then yags hope you do an Adam version next that be insane by the there was not enough star's to give you for this game so 10/10 million star's keep up the awesome work

Just letting you know, March 25 has the wrong background in the morning... Unless Carlos suddenly started sleepwalking and woke up in the middle of campus lol.


(Maybe he sleeps on the grass outside because it's starting to get warm out ;) )


Also, the same wrong bg on Malik's route on April 14 when suggesting a movie at Q&A.

where can i get the nudity patch

See the "Patch Instructions" file download