ZAGS is now available on Steam (and Google Play)!

ZAGS on Steam

ZAGS can now be purchased and played directly on Steam, with achievements! The Steam version is also uncensored by default, so no nudity patch is required.

If you've already purchased the game on, a Steam key is included. Simply navigate to the download page on itch, either by clicking the "Download" button on the ZAGS game page while logged in to itch, or by clicking the link in your confirmation email. Click the "Get Steam Key" button on that page. (See details here.)

Steam keys are available while supplies last, since I'm at the mercy of Steam approving new key generation. If you try to obtain a key and none are available, please leave a comment on this devlog or contact me some other way, and I will attempt to refill the keys.

If you haven't yet purchased the game, you can get it here, with a 20% launch discount:

If you've already played the itch version, you can synchronize any achievements you previously obtained by clicking the button in the Achievements screen in My Room in the Steam version.

ZAGS on Google Play

ZAGS is also available on Google Play. This is a highly censored version of the game with no CGs, and unfortunately there's no easy way to distribute keys for Google Play, so you'll have to re-purchase on that store if you want it. However, I recommend sideloading the itch build instead.

You can purchase ZAGS on Google Play here:

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That is a good point that I had forgotten about when originally creating the Steam keys

I think it's too late to change things at this point, so you'll just have to download the soundtrack and coloring book on itch

Sorry for the inconvenience

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