Updates, Game Tips, and Shoutouts

I've pushed a new game release, with a bunch of bug fixes in it. If you're already happily playing YAGS, there's nothing new here, so don't feel like you have to update.

If you do, though, note that the nudity patch version has also been bumped, due to some changes to Adam's sprite. As such, you'll need to make sure the patch and core game match.

There's been a lot of questions lately asking for game tips, particularly around the secret route. I figured I'd compile some tips here.

If you haven't played the game yet, I recommend you do not read on. Spoilers ahead!




The two hardest guys in the game are James and the secret route (Adam). Both of them become significantly easier if you play in Easy Mode (which unlocks once you've beaten the game once).

To successfully date James, you should maximize the time you spend with him, which means successfully visiting Q&A at the first possible opportunity (September 9). Other than that, there are two scenes you can easily miss: If you explore campus on August 26, you'll unlock a scene with him later when you can get breakfast with him, and if you talk to Janet on September 23, he'll message you and you get a chance to hang out with him.

Adam, of course, is tough for a number of reasons. In addition to high friendship requirements, you have to help him question his sexuality throughout the semester, and the way you do that is via Carlos.

Carlos has four "freakout" points, where he'll almost kiss you if he likes you enough and is left alone with you, and then freak out about it. These are August 27 at the pool, September 8 at the theatre, September 24 when you're running, and October 1 at the frat house. If he likes you enough and freaks out, he will ask you out in early October.

However, if he likes you enough but hasn't freaked out, he will come out to you instead, on October 6. This is the first requirement for Adam, and is probably the toughest. (It's not enough to reject Carlos if he asks you out, as Adam wouldn't consider you an option if he knew his best friend had any interest in you.)  Other than that, you have to keep up on homework and studying, ensure that Adam is aware of your attraction to him, and generally spend time with him.

It's also worth noting that there are two things that can make Adam harder (if not impossible): If you take him to Q&A, your friendship takes a sizable hit, so you should take Jake instead; and if you're present and intervene when the incident with Robert and Elliot occurs, you'll get a large boost.

Good luck!

I wanted to close this (rather long) devlog with some shoutouts.

First off, of course, is Coming Out On Top by Obscurasoft. If you haven't played that game yet, I recommend it.

Second, if you enjoyed YAGS and are wanting some more BxB romance games, check out Human Cargo (by Rob Colton), the first part of Where the White Doves Rest (by Hijiri), or Incubus Academy (by Deevil).

Finally, YAGS has gotten a few Let's Plays recently, but only one of those (by the amazing EnbyKaiju) is complete. You can check that, and other YAGS-related stuff, out at my Youtube channel.

The sequel to YAGS (ZAGS) is underway, so we'll actually close this with a preview of the new hairstyles for the returning cast.


YAGS-1.0209.0-android.apk 144 MB
Feb 09, 2019
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Feb 09, 2019

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is it possible to date nate?

Not in YAGS, but perhaps in the sequel?

No happy endings for me😩

The first playthrough is likely to end with you being alone. If you turn on easy mode and pursue one of the four guys more seriously, you'll likely have better luck in subsequent plays.

But the point of the game isn't dating someone as much as developing your friendships and growing more comfortable with your sexuality, so hopefully you found it enjoyable anyway.

Thank you very much for taking time to reply to all of my comments. Its very enjoyable and I've successfully gotten Jake's ending. Nice game. 

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Been playing this for about 5 hours now and I love it. Totally getting a horrible ending on this first run but will try again. Really glad Obscuarasoft posted about this. 

These queer film referencces are the best. 

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

Enjoy the game very much but Adam's route is so hard i try to avoid all carlos "freakout" but still havent get him to came out on oct 6, *only manage to get him to come 1 time out 10+ run i play but he end up confess to me :( 

Gotta say turning down someone is never easy. You will feel guilty by it, but you gotta do it. You must not force yourself to like someone just to make them feel better. That ain't love, it's pity.

This game man, teaching all the right questions, I love it!

Also I know how you feel about walkthrough, but at least give us list of the collectibles and their hints! There are 333 collectibles and I only managed to get 145 so far. Completing them t is gonna be a nightmare without the checklist.

Not that I want to force people to pay me, but there's a complete list of collectibles (as well as how to obtain them) in the behind-the-scenes book, which is available for $15. :)

Hi ^_^ First of all I LOVE this game A LOT <3. I know you said James was one of the hardest but ironically his was the first happy ending I got... And I'm really sad I have to go and intentionally get the bad ending because his is my favorite route >_<. A completionists struggle. Anyway, I wanted to know if ZAGS is also an acronym or if you chose ZAGS because Z comes after Y in the alphabet lol

ZAGS stands for "Zen: A Gay Sequel", but the acronym was chosen because Z comes after Y. :)

what do u mean by boost when i trigger the scene of elliot and robert? boosting my relationship with adam or boosting the impossibility to get adam? btw i really liked this game bobcgames, good day!


If you intervene, and you're currently dating someone, that boosts their affection toward you. In addition, both Adam and Carlos (of course) appreciate your attempts to help, so if you're trying for Adam, you should make sure you do so.

Glad you like the game!

love u

Wait wait wait I just found about this amazing game(through Obscurasoft, God bless her soul) and you already having a sequel underway??

God bless you bobcgames(I keep calling you bobcatgames lol), the world really needs more serious yet heartfelt story for the lgbt community. 


Aw, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

how do I get the patch for the uncensored version?