August 2020 Update

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

It's been another productive writing month. The first pass of writing is complete up to the in-game day of March 24. The game is now at 133,487 words, 12,541 dialogue blocks, and 305 menus.

I'm changing the way I write, slightly, by focusing more on the main thread for now. It means I may make more in-game-date based progress, but that I'll have to go back to fill in side stories (like IM conversations and Q&A visits) later.

CG Status

David completed inks for the next CG (preview below). Wolfscade was still busy with other projects, and hasn't made significant progress since last month.  General status is still 7/14 CGs complete, with 2/7 in progress.

Other Progress

Mark and Mike's sprites are complete and in the game

Character profiles now feature unlockable (and additional) outfit variants (including naked versions)

Two new minigames (Adam's clothing search and James' vegetable cutting) have been added to the game

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Gotta ask, at which point do you think you might do Alpha builds?

I was thinking I'd get through writing all of the main game and throw out an alpha build while I worked on the side things (like IM conversations). At the rate I'm writing, probably early next year?

Take your time, do it whenever you feel it's ready enough.