September 2020 Update: Incoming BaraJam (and US Election)

Dev Update: September 2020

Special Announcements

BaraJam starts October 1

I'm both helping run the jam and making a game for it, so October and November will likely be quiet months for ZAGS updates. (Depending how much actually gets done, I might skip the October update, the November update, or both.)

If you'd like to join the jam for yourself, you can find more details here.

Alpha Timelines

As I responded in last month's update, I'm going to try and get the writing done for the main game threads before releasing an initial alpha build. I'm still hoping to hit that sometime early next year (with the assumption that I'll have a lot of writing time around the holidays), but we'll have to see how that goes.

Register to Vote!

If you're a US citizen, and you're not currently registered to vote, please do so. Most states still allow registration. has details for you.

If you have already registered, please make sure you actually vote; many states let you vote by mail so you'll only need to leave your house once (to drop the ballot in a mailbox). Make sure to leave plenty of time for USPS to mail your ballot if you do this.

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

It was a decent first half of the month for writing, but I hit a huge roadblock for the second half of the month because the world (and work) were extra terrible.

The first pass of writing is complete up to the in-game day of March 31. The game is now at 155,771 words, 14,519 dialogue blocks, and 327 menus.

CG Status

David completed the CG from last month. Wolfscade was still busy with other projects, and hasn't made progress this month.  General status is 8/14 CGs complete, with 1/6 in progress.

Also, thanks to all the pre-orders, we've added some new CGs to the plan, so we're actually now at 8/17 CGs complete, with 1/9 in progress. 

Because CGs are taking a bit longer than expected, depending how eventual alpha and beta testing goes, I may release the game with some missing CGs and gradually fill those in after the initial release. (But that's still a year or so away.)

Other Progress

The special planner for spring break week is now in the game

The stats screen now includes the planner notes, for easy viewing any time

You are now explicitly prompted to change game settings (such as nudity or explicit language) the first time you play

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