January 2021 Update: Alpha Delayed

Dev Update: January 2021

Special Announcements

The Alpha is Delayed

With apologies to everyone.

The game is pretty much where I expected it to be (minus some testing I'd intended to do), but I'm thinking I want to complete more of the writing before I throw the first alpha out there.

My alpha goal now includes getting through the IM conversations and some of the additional planner random text, as well as staging the rest of the game music. My tentative goal for finishing all of this is the end of next month (February), but we'll see how things go.

I'm adding a new section to the monthly Dev Progress Update section (below) though, to track the TODOs I hope to accomplish in the next month. I'll keep this going forward until we hit the beta (still tentatively later this year).

Another YAGS-related Game is Here!

In a bit of a break from ZAGS testing, what started out as a random 30-minute shitpost reaction to a Chloe Spencer video turned into a more serious project thanks to Deevilj

Cute Cock Clicker is now available for your downloading pleasure, and a version with additional guys is available for a small fee.

The guys you get to know might look familiar to YAGS fans, and the "ending" of the full game (as much as there is one) also ties a bit back into YAGS.

The game is a clicker game, so don't expect much more than clicking the mouse, buying items to "click" for you, and getting the guys to undress for you as you do so. There's no plot or story.

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

I cleaned up a few things, including some older sex scenes. The game is now at 228,708 words, 20,513 dialogue blocks, and 468 menus.

CG Status

No new CG progress this month, and there may not be any in February either. General status is 12/17 CGs complete, with 1/5 in progress.

Other Progress

The epilogue now lists items you've unlocked (new profile outfits, new accessories, videos, etc.)

There are now achievements

A bunch of bugs uncovered in testing were fixed, and many more remain to be found

February Goals (TODOs)

Stage music through the rest of the game

Common scenes (Q&A visits, planner-driven scenes) should properly reflect short and long sleeved shirts

Additional Instant Messenger conversations

Additional randomized planner text

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