March 2021 Update

Dev Update: March 2021

Special Announcements


We made a NaNoRenO game! Over The Moon is available for you to play here!

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

Some dialogue was added around characters' birthdays, as well as scenes for the remaining placeholder CGs (minus Dan's route). The game is now at 230,959 words, 21,474 dialogue blocks, and 471 menus.

CG Status

No CG progress was made in March. General status is 13/19 CGs complete, with 2/6 in progress.

Other Progress

A bunch of bug fixes (thanks to Kain, wiggly1, and Alex for reporting them!)

April Goals (TODOs)

More testing

Even more Instant Messenger conversations

Dialogue export for spell-check and grammar check

Add Dan's route

Finish music videos

Make a new alpha build

Get Zen: A Gay Sequel

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