April 2021 Update: New Alpha Build

Dev Update: April 2021

Special Announcements

New Alpha Build

The alpha build has been updated. You can use the same links as before to access the new build version.

All of the routes (including the secret route) should now be obtainable, and most of the big bugs should have been squashed. Please continue filing bugs via the google form if you check out the new alpha.

(If you don't have alpha access yet, check out the original post for instructions.)

New Demo Build

The demo build has been rebuilt with the newest version of renpy. There are no other changes, so if you've already played the old demo, there's no reason to update.

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

Dan's route was added to the game, including the last twothree placeholder CGs. A few more IM scenes were added.

The game is now at 237,770 words, 22,066 dialogue blocks, and 479 menus.

CG Status

No CG progress was made in April. General status is 13/19 CGs complete, with 2/6 in progress.

Other Progress

Added three new minigames: Jigsaw puzzles, a port of the door puzzles from Over The Moon, and a typing minigame

Finished the Zen (Acoustic) and Zen (Lewd) lyric videos

Did a full spelling and grammar check pass

Tweaks to ensure all romantic routes are completable

May Goals (TODOs)

More testing

Even more Instant Messenger conversations

More scenes with the twins

More friendship unlocks for other characters

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