November 2020 Update: A Sticker Giveaway!

Dev Update: November 2020

Special Announcements

This update is a bit early because I wanted to announce the...

Sticker Giveaway

I ran a poll on my Twitter a couple months back asking what kinds of stickers I should print next. And clearly, because the result was almost a tie between Adam and the ZAGS LIs, the right answer was to print both (and then some).

So it's time for a giveaway of a complete pack of all six seven stickers! Instructions for entering are in this tweet 

If you don't use Twitter, you can enter instead by commenting on this devlog with your favorite YAGS/ZAGS character and why. (If you've pre-ordered ZAGS already, note that in your comment, and it'll be worth a second entry.) Please do not enter through both Twitter and this devlog, as I'll disqualify all your entries if you do.

Entries close at 9 AM US Eastern time on Saturday, December 5. I'll draw at least two winners, with potentially more if there are enough entries. I'll ship worldwide (although certain areas may be delayed thanks to COVID).

The stickers will otherwise be available through... some future means that I haven't figured out yet. (If you want to donate for a set, message me, and we can work something out.)

Our BaraJam Game Is Now Available

PoorlyFormed and I finished our BaraJam 2020 game! You can check out Psychic Erotic Extraterrestrial Neutralizers (PEEN) for free here. It's an old-style RPG where you fight aliens by having gay sex. Needless to say, it is NSFW and for adults only.

Dev Progress Update

All updates apply only to the (in-progress) full game release and not the demo.

Writing Status

I actually managed to get a decent amount of writing done in the past two months, despite BaraJam, the election craziness, and work generally being busy.

The first pass of writing is complete up to the in-game day of April 8. The game is now at 173,383 words, 16,179 dialogue blocks, and 378 menus.

CG Status

David completed another CG in the past two months, and has started on another three. Wolfscade was still busy with other projects, and hasn't made progress.  General status is 9/17 CGs complete, with 4/8 in progress.

Other Progress

The planner tutorial has been fixed up from when I redid the planner 5 months ago

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My favorite character would definitely have to be Adam. I think he's amazing and supportive no matter which path you choose, and I think he's a great guy in general. (I've pre-ordered ZAGS.)