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Purchases Are Currently Unavailable

AAGS is currently unavailable for preorder. If you have already preordered the game, you should continue having access to download the files, and the game will continue receiving updates as it completes.

A SFW version (with free external patch) will be available for purchase on itch once the game is complete. Please follow the game's devlogs in the meantime.

What is Afterward: A Gay Series?

Afterward: A Gay Series (AAGS) is a fictional, contemporary, slice-of-life series of stories set in the YAGS universe, following a gay man's journey of coming out, accepting himself, and finding love. No prior knowledge of YAGS is necessary to enjoy the series, although it does contain spoilers for works in the YAGS series of games and writing.

(If you're familiar with YAGS, then AAGS continues the story from ZAGS after graduation, as Carlos and Adam move to San Francisco together.)

Note: This is a Kinetic Novel. That means that this game has no player choices, and instead is more like a book with art. It does feature unlockable character profiles that evolve as you read the stories as well as CGs (including some sexy CGs) and minigames.

If you prefer to read the series in more traditional form, most of the chapters are available for free on my website.

Game Features

AAGS is a Kinetic Novel and does not feature player choices. It does feature clicker-style minigames, a CG gallery, and unlockable character profiles.

The free (SFW) demo features:

  • 30k words across 3 chapters
  • 3 (non-adult) CGs

The full version of AAGS will feature:

  • 128k words across 22 chapters and 9 ficlets, including seven (and a half) not available on the public website
  • 15+ CGs, plus some secrets
  • Unlockable and evolving character profiles
  • 4 minigames
  • A separate, free adult patch with additional CGs and content

Your purchase also includes a behind-the-scenes digital book (PDF) talking about the characters, sharing stories behind the game's development, and including images from the process.

You can also obtain some physical goods like stickers and magnets. (Or see the full set of available YAGS-verse swag.)

Explicit Content Warning

AAGS follows a relationship between two homosexual men, and features uncomfortable situations including homophobia, physical and emotional trauma, abusive relationships, and parental rejection.

The demo is fully safe for work (SFW) and includes only passing references to sex. It contains no adult content.

The full version of the game will likewise be SFW, but a patch will be available for more explicit content. (Note that a patch is not available for either the demo nor the current beta build.)

What does "Beta" mean?

AAGS is currently in "beta", which simply means that it is incomplete and still undergoing active development. There may be bugs. Not all of its features are in place yet.

However, the game's chapters are complete. You can read every chapter, unlock every character profile,  and play every minigame now.

The game was available for preorder in its beta state, and will be available for purchase again once the full game is available.

You can follow this game's devlogs or the Twitter hashtag or Mastodon hashtag for updates until the game's release.

The full game is due out sometime later in 2023, but there is no estimate at this time. 

What is YAGS?

YAGS, or Yearning: A Gay Story, is a traditional visual novel with dating sim elements following a (different) gay man's journey of coming out and navigating college life. Its sequel ZAGS, or Zen: A Gay Sequel, is a stat-based dating sim also set in college.

Playing YAGS or ZAGS is not necessary to enjoy AAGS, as the game includes a prologue chapter summarizing all character and plot information necessary for the series. It also includes in-game unlockable and evolving character profiles that can serve as a further reminder as you read.

However, AAGS will heavily spoil major plot points in both games and the YAGS universe as a whole, so it is recommended that you enjoy the games first before consuming AAGS.

If you're looking for games or visual novels with player choice, you will instead want to check out other works in the YAGS universe.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, coming-out, Gay, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, Queer, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityBlind friendly


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