February 2024 Devlog: Adult Patch Available

Today is February 31, right? ;)

There's been no CG process since the last update, but I was also unwilling to wait any longer to share the greatness that is Deevil's CG work for this game, so...

There's a new beta build of the game (v0.2629.0) and an adult patch for it that gives access to uncensored versions of all of the CGs!

Download the new game build for Windows, Mac, or Linux (not available for Android at this time), and then download the patch from https://aags.bobcgames.com/?patch, following the instructions there to install!

(Also note that the mac build is not currently signed, but the final version will be.)

This will probably be the last update until the rest of the CGs are done and the final game is available.

Anyway, since this is a devlog, here's the (lack of an) update:


  • No CG progress this month
  • Remaining CGs for full game: 14


  • N/A

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Continue adding CGs to the game as they complete


AAGS-beta-0.2629.0-win.zip 166 MB
52 days ago
AAGS-beta-0.2629.0-mac.zip 171 MB
52 days ago
AAGS-beta-0.2629.0-linux.tar.bz2 159 MB
52 days ago

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the uncensored thing doesnt work