April 2023 Devlog - Purchases (Temporarily) Closed

Hi all! It's been a few months, and this update is a bit of a weird one.

First off, there's progress! Deev has completed one (unplanned) CG and is making progress on another that we'll count as done for devlog purposes. Additionally, I wrote another chapter for the game, which brings us up to 128.6k words!


  • Two CGs complete
  • Remaining CGs for full game: 18


  • One new chapter (~2.5k words) has been added

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Continue adding CGs to the game as they complete

Unfortunately, there's also a bit of unhappy news to report:

I've disabled the ability to preorder AAGS through itch due to some concerns about adult content.

If you have already preordered the game, you should continue having access to all files. (Please ensure you're logged in with the account that was used to purchase the game.) I will, of course, continue updating the game here as it reaches completion, so you will continue having access to up-to-date game builds as they're available.

After the game is complete, I'll likely make a fully SFW version of the game available on itch (including an updated demo) with a free NSFW patch available, and make the game available for purchase again. So if you're looking to buy the game, follow these devlogs and stay on the lookout for that.

(The demo has already been updated to a fully SFW version. If you've already played the old demo, there is no reason to download the new version.)

Thanks for your continued support!


AAGSDemo-1.0.1625-mac.zip 65 MB
Apr 26, 2023
AAGSDemo-1.0.1625-win.zip 70 MB
Apr 26, 2023
com.bobcgames.aagsdemo-release.apk 86 MB
Apr 26, 2023
AAGSDemo-1.0.1625-linux.tar.bz2 65 MB
Apr 26, 2023

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