September 2022 Devlog

September 2022 Devlog

It's funny how much impact one small thing can have and cause you to feel like everything bad is catching up to you at once.

So I'd already been having a rough September, but something happened a week or so ago that hit me unexpectedly hard. The result was that, every time I opened up a game-related thing to make progress (like ZRWP coding, or the AAGS BTS book, or cleaning up AAGS itself for release), I felt immediately and drastically shittier.

Long story short, the AAGS beta isn't ready. (It wouldn't have been anyway, because not all of the minigame CGs are in, but I also didn't make progress on the other things I needed to, so it's really not ready.) I'm aiming for an end-of-October beta release, which will be the full game minus most of the CGs, but that's dependent on me finishing the BTS book and cleanup. We'll see how next month goes.

In any case, Deev finished up a few more CGs this month, and I also finished writing out the full CG list for the game (earlier in the month), so we can give some more concrete numbers around remaining work now, as part of the monthly updates.


  • Six more CGs have been finished: two of the three remaining minigame rewards (two different scenes for each), the CG for "I Got You Wrong", and the CG for "Set Sail"
  • Remaining CGs for beta: 4 (the last minigame's two scenes, and CGs for "Piece By Piece" and "Reaching Out To You")
  • Remaining CGs for full game: 23


  • (Nothing this month)

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Finish up the behind-the-scenes PDF book
  • If enough CGs are in, make the first public beta build

Thank you to everyone for your patience. We should be to the beta soon!

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