June 2023 Devlog - Purchases Open Again

There's been no CG progress this month, but I have continued reworking the internals of the game to support a SFW build. As such, I've made a new SFW beta build, and reopened the game for preorders. (Note that the mac build is not signed, so you may need to explicitly allow it to run.)

If you've already played the previous beta, there's a couple new things here (some more CGs, one new short fic chapter), but you may just want to wait for the full game at this point.

Thanks for your continued support!


  • No CG progress this month
  • Remaining CGs for full game: 14


  • Game files moved around to facilitate a fully SFW game build

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Continue adding CGs to the game as they complete


AAGS-beta-0.1826.0-linux.tar.bz2 144 MB
Jun 27, 2023
AAGS-beta-0.1826.0-mac.zip 156 MB
Jun 27, 2023
AAGS-beta-0.1826.0-win.zip 151 MB
Jun 27, 2023
com.bobcgames.aags-release.apk 172 MB
Jun 27, 2023

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