AAGS Is Here!

After an absolutely *herculean* effort by Deev, all of the AAGS CGs are now finished, and the final version of the game is now released! (No, this isn't an April Fool's joke!)

You can download the full game now on the itch page.

The adult patch has also been updated with all of the content.

A couple things are still outstanding, and I'll finish those up over this week:

  • The Mac build is currently unsigned; a signed version will be available later
  • The Android build is currently unable to be uncensored; a solution for that will be coming later

I hope you enjoy the game!


AAGS-1.0401.0-linux.tar.bz2 171 MB
Apr 02, 2024
AAGS-1.0401.0-mac.zip 184 MB
Apr 02, 2024
AAGS-1.0401.0-win.zip 178 MB
Apr 02, 2024
com.bobcgames.aags-1.0401.0-1712018848-release.apk 203 MB
Apr 02, 2024

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