The AAGS Beta Is Here!

October 2022 Devlog

The Beta is here!

The AAGS Beta build is now available for download, including both the Behind-The-Scenes PDF book and game builds for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The game builds are currently censored, and an uncensoring patch will not be available until the game leaves beta.

Note: This is a Beta build, so it has not been thoroughly tested. There may be bugs. You can report any issues you encounter to bobcgames (at), but unless they are truly game-breaking, I may not release any fixed builds until the final game is available.

The builds are also missing a majority of the final CGs; you can follow the continued devlogs for updates on CG status. I might start making updates every two months instead of monthly, since the only remaining things are CGs, and monthly updates might be overkill for that. You can always follow Twitter for the most up-to-date news.

If you've already preordered AAGS, you should be able to download both the BTS book and game now! Simply go to while logged in to your account, find the original purchase email with a download link, or navigate to My Library > My Purchases in itself.

Anyway, here's the usual update for October:


  • Four more CGs have been completed: The two minigame scenes, a wedding CG for Piece By Piece, and a meeting CG for Reaching Out To You
  • Remaining CGs for full game: 19


  • (Nothing this month)

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Continue adding CGs to the game as they complete


AAGSDemo-1.0.1018-linux.tar.bz2 69 MB
Oct 22, 2022
AAGSDemo-1.0.1018-mac.dmg 69 MB
Oct 22, 2022 74 MB
Oct 22, 2022
com.bobcgames.aagsdemo-release.apk 90 MB
Oct 22, 2022
Behind The Scenes Book 20 MB
Oct 22, 2022
AAGS-beta-0.1017.0-linux.tar.bz2 153 MB
Oct 22, 2022
AAGS-beta-0.1017.0-mac.dmg 154 MB
Oct 22, 2022 159 MB
Oct 22, 2022
com.bobcgames.aags-release.apk 178 MB
Oct 22, 2022

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So, going through the beta version,  looking for any bugs or misspellings and finding nothing so far. Getting back into the emotional roller-coaster that is the YAGS, ZAGS Universe, Getting into the groove again of finding out what is going on with best friends that l haven't heard from in a while. Love the writing.  Rooting for all the love and happiness that they deserve to show up for them. Really enjoying this, probably your best yet. Then l finish the storyline part and begin the extra filets. "Living This Moment For Me" , Oh My Goddess. Blew me away. So emotionally charged. Have to take a break, can't take anymore right now. Your best yet. Thank you.

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me to hear.