August 2022 Devlog - ADTF Is Out!

August 2022 Devlog

The biggest thing this past month was, as expected, the release of my YaoiJam project AAGS: Down To Fun. It is a kinetic novel in the style of AAGS following an AU Jake after college graduation.

The game is available for free download, and a limited number of sticker sets are also available for it. Check it out!

September will likely see the release of the ZAGS: The Role We Play demo (as well as the opening of associated preorders), so keep your eyes peeled for that!


  • Deev finished up Nate's sprite for ADTF (as well as a bunch of ADTF CGs), but no AAGS-specific progress has been made


  • Nate and Jake sprites are both staged into AAGS
  • Unfiltered backgrounds have been added to the gallery
  • Minigames have been cleaned up a bit

Next Month (TODOs)

  • Finish up the behind-the-scenes PDF book
  • If enough CGs are in, make the first public beta build

Hi Nate!

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