December Devlog

December has been a significantly more productive month for ZRWP than the previous few, thanks in no small part to the holiday break from work and lack of other projects requiring my direct attention at the moment.

Overall, I completed another 4 (and a half) rooms, and made quite a few quality of life enhancements, besides.

Rooms completed: 11.5 / 35

Challenge combats completed: 3 / 12

Additional changes:

  • The monster compendium list now remembers your current scroll position when viewing a monster entry
  • An attack absorbed by a shield or cloak shows SHIELDED or CLOAKED rather than MISSED
  • An attack that fails because target is immune (to physical or magical damage) shows IMMUNE rather than MISSED
  • Effects added by attacks now fade in (instead of immediately appearing)
  • Added a few new abilities, including multi-hit attacks and the ability to freeze a target's ATB bar until it's damaged/healed

I may look at porting at least some of these changes back into the demo build later, but it's unfortunately a non-trivial change given the code branching for the demo. If it happens, it'll happen closer to the release of the final (or at least beta) build of the full game.

I'm hoping to get a few more rooms completed over the break.

I also want to note that I'm basically no longer using Twitter. Real-time updates will be posted to mastodon instead, but these devlogs will also of course continue.

Thanks for your continued support, everyone! I'm excited about the game, and I hope you are too!

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