Bug Fixes and New Game Trailer

A new game build is available with a few fixes and updates:

  • The final bosses are now immune to Preoccupied and similar effects
  • Final boss progress no longer resets if you replay an earlier level
  • Fixed the "'Viewport' object has no attribute drag_speed" error encountered while scrolling the skills list
  • If you've researched an enemy, targeting now shows hints about immunity, weakness, and resistance
  • Fixed various typos

(A mac build with these fixes is coming soon!)

Additionally, ZAGS: The Role We Play has received a new game trailer! Tons of thanks to Foxdrift Studios for its creation, and thanks to Project Enso for their support as well!


com.bobcgames.zrwp-release.apk 224 MB
Jan 10, 2024
ZRWP-1.1310.0-linux.tar.bz2 193 MB
Jan 10, 2024
ZRWP-1.1310.0-win.zip 203 MB
Jan 10, 2024

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