February Devlog

February has also been a productive month!

In addition to all of the below, I also got a testing build out to some people to gauge general gameplay and balance, so some changes might  come out of that as well

Rooms completed: 22 / 35

Challenge combats completed: 6 / 12

Additional changes:

  • Added option to show ATB meters over party chibis (to correspond with ATB meters you can show over enemies with Chris)
  • Malik has an additional buff that restores HP on song use
  • New buff: SP Regen
  • Songs have an icon in the skill button UI
  • Enemies can now be immune to any four elements or void, be immune to non-critical attacks, or be immune to non-elementally-weak attacks
  • Save/load screen now shows per-character room progress (https://peoplemaking.games/@bobcgames/109861153005025457 )
  • Dan's skills can now be reordered and forgotten (https://peoplemaking.games/@bobcgames/109887945051461770 )
  • You can now force Dan to wear underwear under his leaf
  • Q&A room battles now prompt for party selection
  • Early game experience and difficulty has been slightly rebalanced
  • Character stat screens now include brief blurbs about each party member

I'm not doing nanoreno this year, so hopefully March will also see a good amount of progress!

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