March Devlog

It's been another productive month! In addition to completing another 6 rooms of combat and an additional two challenge combats, there's been a few quality of life updates, and I've sent an updated build out to another couple people for testing.

I've also been exploring whether I can add easy keyboard/controller support for combat, and it's mostly working except for the actual skill selection screen (which is a pain because of scrolling), so we'll see if I can do anything with that over the next month. Other planned updates also include an icon glossary screen and the ability to sort the enemy compendium by room (rather than just an alphabetical list).


Rooms completed: 28 / 35

Challenge combats completed: 8 / 12

Additional changes:

  • New setting "scaling" which causes most enemies to scale to your level
  • Stat buff effects now remove the corresponding debuffs (but not vice versa)
  • "Skip Turn" button is now "Start Skipping" (and is more obvious in skill selection)
  • Adam has a new ultimate (level 80) skill

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