ZRWP is here!

I apparently met my June goal, because ZAGS: The Role We Play has been released!

If you've already preordered, the game should be available to download now for Windows, Mac (thanks to Rob Colton), Linux, and Android (via sideloading). Simply find the link in your email purchase confirmation, or view this page while logged in to itch.io with the same account.

If you haven't yet bought the game, remember that physical rewards are also available, including stickers, magnets, and signed prints!

I'll probably be adding a general skill and enemy guide at some point, but I wanted to get the game out there for now.

For the sake of completeness, here's the final (June) devlog:

Rooms completed: 36 / 35

Challenge combats completed: 12 / 12

Additional changes:

  • Added achievements
  • New skills for each character
  • New "Auto Skill Window" setting
  • Icon and elemental guide is accessible during combat
  • New UI with better description of combat settings
  • Tutorial on how to save and how to change combat settings
  • Exp and stat rebalancing
  • Challenge combats have their own battle transition
  • Monster compendium shows missing monsters in room view


Jun 25, 2023
com.bobcgames.zrwp-release.apk 224 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-1.0625.0-linux.tar.bz2 193 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-1.0625.0-mac.dmg 205 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-1.0625.0-win.zip 203 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-demo-1.1825.0-linux.tar.bz2 116 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-demo-1.1825.0-mac.dmg 128 MB
Jun 25, 2023
ZRWP-demo-1.1825.0-win.zip 124 MB
Jun 25, 2023

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