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ZAGS: The Role We Play

Face and (literally) fight your fears in this queer Halloween-themed ATB-system combat-focused turn-based RPG · By bobcgames


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Bug Fixes and New Game Trailer
A new game build is available with a few fixes and updates: The final bosses are now immune to Preoccupied and similar effects Final boss progress no longer res...
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ZRWP is here!
I apparently met my June goal, because ZAGS: The Role We Play has been released! If you've already preordered, the game should be available to download now for...
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May Devlog
It's been another productive month! Rooms are done up through the second part of the final boss, which includes a bunch of special new engine tweaks such as dia...
April Devlog
It's been a weird month, with progress at the beginning of the month, and the end of the month, but not much in the middle. In any case, stuff happened this mon...
March Devlog
It's been another productive month! In addition to completing another 6 rooms of combat and an additional two challenge combats, there's been a few quality of l...
February Devlog
February has also been a productive month! In addition to all of the below, I also got a testing build out to some people to gauge general gameplay and balance...
January Devlog
It's been a surprisingly productive month for ZRWP! I got quite a few (6.5!) additional rooms finished, as well as another challenge combat, as well as a ton of...
December Devlog
December has been a significantly more productive month for ZRWP than the previous few, thanks in no small part to the holiday break from work and lack of other...
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Thank you for the early access code, Bob! Really loving the game so far and excited to see where this goes!
started by CrossXGames Sep 20, 2022
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Conquer your fears! I’m still not quite sure how Bob managed to do so much using Ren’Py as a base but the game mecha...
started by Deevil Sep 19, 2022
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