Preorder Price Cut

Thank you to everyone who preordered and generally has supported ZRWP! If you haven't already seen it, Chloe Spencer has started an LP that you can check out here.

You might have noticed I dropped the price of the game... I took a step back recently and compared the content in the game to ZAGS and AAGS, and it felt reasonably different enough (read: smaller, at least right now) that the theoretical $10 price seemed too high. Thus, preorders are now priced at $3.99, with $4.99 being the final on-release price.

If you previously preordered the game (before today, September 27), I'd be happy to send you a free sticker set (plus some extra bonuses) to make up for the change... please send me an email at bobcgames (at) with your mailing address and the email you used to preorder.

(If you'd prefer ZAGS Steam or itch keys, I'd be happy to provide that as an alternative. If you'd like a refund, please contact itch support for assistance.)

If you haven't yet preordered, you can either preorder just the game for $3.99 now, or wait a few days for the upcoming Queer Halloween Stories Bundle which will include the preorder for $20.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! I'm looking forward to getting the full game to you some time in 2023!

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